Nature’s Rural Retreat began as a home for newlyweds, Nile and Ruth Rupe, in 1932. They engaged in farming and ranching there for over sixty years and raised their four children. During the summer of 2007, their son, Randy, who is also engaged in agriculture, and his wife, Cathy, who had just retired after 23 years as a librarian/teacher, decided to begin a new adventure. With help from friends, they completely restored the home as a retreat for hunters, nature lovers, and families. This quiet, naturally decorated bungalow allows complete privacy and schedule flexibility for six to seven people in three bedrooms. The master bedroom is furnished with its original double bedroom set. Another bedroom is furnished with a single bed, a bookshelf filled with reading materials and games, and manual toys for little people. The bunkroom allows four people to sleep comfortably on extra long twin beds. All of the bedrooms have fire escape windows for safety. The kitchen is fully equipped for meals and has some freezer space available. The living/dining area is furnished comfortably and has a corn burning stove for extra heat and a warm fire. In this room, guests may also access the Internet and watch Direct TV. For a large family sleepover, there is enough room for several sleeping bags (extra pillows and comforters are available). A large, enclosed back porch offers laundry facilities, a writing corner, and blooming geraniums during the winter months, as well as, places for muddy boots, heavy coats, overalls, etc. and maybe a few more sleeping bags. The front porch allows guests to relax on wicker furniture. From this porch, a priceless sunrise can be watched, birds can be heard singing, and prairie scenes can be viewed. During the summer of 2008, the Rupes and their friends added a large screened deck to the house. It has an outdoor bathroom including a shower and a cooking area, as well as, a eating/relaxing area.

The large farm yard has been landscaped with 1932, water conservation, and wildlife in mind. It includes a barn, a granary which has been converted into a gardening shed and a nature art center, and a windmill, which are in the process of being restored. A buffalo grass lawn is being established, taller native grasses and prairie wildflowers have been planted to attract butterflies and birds, and fruit and shade trees and native scrubs have been planted and pruned to provide protection from severe weather and attract wildlife. Bird houses and wildlife feeders have been located in several large, climbing trees and a lilac hedge to allow increased viewing for human guests. Outdoor entertainment areas, as well as, the screened deck, have been developed and include comfortable seating, playing, and cooking areas. All of these adaptations and restorations have been made with hunters, nature lovers, and families in mind.

The Rupes invite guests to enjoy the quiet, naturally decorated home which has been in their family for seventy-three years, as they enjoy hunting, nature watching, or just relaxing with family in complete privacy while enjoying their own schedule.

Rates (if booked before 1-1-12):
$75.00 per night for one or two people
$112.00 per night for three people
$125.00 per night for four people
$30 per person for five or more people (consideration may be made for family groups with small children)

Rates (if booked after 1-1-12):
$85.00 per night for one or two people
$122.00 per night for three people
$135.00 per night for four people
$30 per person for five or more people (consideration may be made for family groups with small children)

5.5% Nebraska Sales Tax and 3% Nebraska Lodging Tax will be added to these charges for lodging.

Check-in: 3:00pm. Check-out: 12:00 noon. Other arrangements may be made if possible.

Guests may further enjoy this delightful reminder of life in Nebraska during the 1930’s by enjoying up to three meals each day. For an additional $50.00 per day per person, you will enjoy meals which are made from “scratch” and include locally raised, hand cut Nebraska beef and pork, homemade breads, fresh seasonal produce, homemade jellies and jams, farm fresh eggs, locally made sausage products from the third generation owners of The Wurst Haus, and locally made pies from The Village Piemaker. You may also prepare your own feast with ingredients provided by the Rupes, who wish to fulfill your personal dining desires and schedule. Cathy will discuss options with you when you make reservations or on a daily basis.

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